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Craft Your Vivid Dreams With Us

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About Vivid LIFE Plans

We seek to support Creative Entrepreneurs and help them build a plan to take their Vivid Dream into a Vivid Life Journey.

We provide workbooks, planners, and various consultation services.

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We can't all be the "Starving Artist" forever right?

qt some point you have got take steps to develop you passions and goals to fruition. 

We know everyone is telling you "you can do it" and "just follow your dreams" and "listen to your heart." This is all good advice and you should do it but, often we find that we don't have enough hands on support or know where to find the resources to move forward.

That is what Vivid LIFE Plans wants to do.

We want to build that bridge for the visionary to the tangible resources and advice that will build capacity to actually find success. Even down to creating a basic "sketch" to your branding visions.

You should also follow our Blog written by the Vivid LIFE Plans Founder Nastaaja Johnson.

Vivid LIFE Plans Blog

Founder & Executive Coach

Nastaaja Johnson

Nastaaja attained her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in 2012 with minors in Biology and Sociology and attained her Master's Degree of International Studies with a Concentration of Education, in 2013 after attending a Program that allowed her to work and live in China.

She then went on to work for several nationally known Non Profit and For Profit organizations, started her own businesses, brands, and non profits, and has now founded Vivid Life Plans LLC.

She has experience in building brands, websites and in lots and lots of planning.

She has truly developed a niche skill of "Dream Architecture." She will help you Build the Schematics to make your Vision a Reality with her consultation, workbooks, planners and custom built "Branding Starter Kits." .


“I have to constantly re-identify myself to myself, reactivate my own standards, my own convictions about what I'm doing and why.”


Ready to start your growth journey?


We currently have not "brick and mortor" but will update this if we ever do!


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Email: vividlifeplans@gmail.com


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