Total Freedom to Totally Mess Up Over... and Over... and Over Again


Education and Enrichment have been on my mind for a few days now.

What it is to me? How has it served me and my growth? What does it represent? What does it look like?

What should it be? What should it look like? What should it represent?

Well to me education honestly is opportunity. It is opportunity to grow and to learn something new about yourself and the rest of the world and all the why’s and how’s and what’s.

Education has served me in all of those ways over the years but not in the way that they make you think. Education has not necessarily made me more intelligent as much as it has made me “smarter” and education is not the most useful tool in my tool box that i draw from… at least not in the sense that it is used and perceived and put out to be to the masses.

I would completely “renovate” basic education in America if I could. I would not be dismissive or disruptive to the goal being to learn and generate a little bit of knowledge about a lot of different things, for that is the part that I am in agreement with, especially for the formative years. Basic reading, writing and arithmetic are vital for good communication and for being able to continue to expand your knowledge.


Where I would renovate basic education is in the overall messaging and some of the formatting choices.

As the title indicates, to me what education should be is an Opportunity to Enjoy Total Freedom to Absolutely Just Mess Stuff Up Over and Over Again.

For some reason, education tends to promote and incite perfection and only reward those who are really good to absorbing general information and rote memorization. Those are skills to be celebrated but what about those who school doesn’t come easy for? For whom learning in a traditional format is not intuitive? 

How do we recognize the excellence they bring to the table as well?

Well by celebrating their ability to really mess things up. It is those young people who exhibit bravery, creativity and an ability to really thin abstractly. 

They are then being afforded greater chances to learn through experience. You know the kid that would just take things apart just to try to put them back together again, often leaving the devices worse off. Or that kid who instead of reading a book during DEAR time, they’d be writing their own play or comic book or making up their own stories to tell. Or the kid, who instead of just running their laps during gym time, you look up and they’ve figured out how to get to the top of the closed bleachers or climbed up the basketball pole to sit on the rim.

I mentioned above that the actual texts and formulas and theories are not necessarily what shaped me. What did shape me and grow me in terms of my education were my experiences of others and the conversations I’d have late nights up braiding hair and watching Nollywood movies with my roommates. 

The experience I gained when I had to face a difficult situation where there was quite a bit of prejudice and assumption and decided that we needed to create our own space.


Well, I guess I am running out of steam and or don't want to get into a cycle of just repeating myself and rambling in a way that jumbles my main point ^_^

With that, I appreciate that you’ve read to the bottom at least and hope that you find continuous opportunities to really just mess things up…

- Thank you


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